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A quick introduction to the team behind MASC



Eric has been helping shape the future of MASC. With a Doctorate behind him and great financial aptitude, he's able to keep us floating in the right direction. When asked for a short bio, he replied "I hate doing things like that" so we took his first answer.


Solutions and Products

Andrew has been working in the SMS industry and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team regarding the technical complexities and challenges we face on a daily basis. He's also responsible for the Product Management suite that we offer here at MASC. When asked for a bio-quote, he said "Don't use the photo from the Christmas Party".


Server Juggler

Chris' experience with server hosting helped us setup and offer our services for lower costs than our competitors. Born in Athens, he emigrated to New York where the high prices of electricity forced him to use virtual servers. When asked what he wanted in his bio he said "I'll get a picture ready for the end of the day" #HeDidToo