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SMS Marketing

Companies spend thousands on marketing companies to build email campaigns for them, only to have 90% in their customer's junk folder and 9% remaining unread. Take a look at your phone and check your messages. Deliver your message with an SMS and it will be read (Usually within 5 minutes)

Works everywhere

Global coverage for SMS to any handset around the world.

Always available

The service is resillient and available 24/7 for you to send those important messages to your customers, whatever your timezone.


Your message, your way. You can send a single custom message or bulk send your advertising campaign to a million people. Our service, Your way.

Targetted Marketing

Your customer gives you their mobile (cell) number. When they receive a message from you, the chances of them bringing business back to you are significantly higher than email marketing from as little as 3p


SMS can be delivered in under 10 seconds around the world. From our central hub, you can submit a message to any of the countries listed and deliver real messages to real people.

Full Service

Our SMS functionality uses the REST Api. You can integrate this into your app/own website. You can also use our management portal to save your contacts and send your message to all straight from the website.