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Site Management and Creation

We offer a range of website services. Wix may make a website quick and easy, but the maintenance costs quickly mount up for small businesses. We offer a one off setup and / or a maintenance package. Due to popular demand, we also do a pay-as-you-go service where we will update your website as and when required.


We've been working on websites since the turn of the millenium. Our first client was a Independent Financial Advisory firm who asked for the entire site to be delivered on a CD. 

Online Menu

A breakfast cafe commissioned us to create a new menu for them. They provided us with the options and we delivered. They then asked us to take over their website and have the menu uploaded. #FreeSandwichesForLife


The purpose of Viewme was a live internet TV show. This involved provisioning servers, bandwidth, streaming permissions and web management. Whilst working on the project the customer was, sadly, unable to continue.